The effects of Brexit on the trade with the UK – who should be prepared?

“Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU” of the European Commission. Brexit preparedness notices on the website of the European Commission.

If no withdrawal agreement is reached, then:

  • all businesses, including small and medium-sized businesses, need to be prepared for Brexit. Businesses should, without delay, assess the consequences of Brexit for their operations.
  • the customs authorities of the EU Member States have to apply all rules and formalities concerning the trade between the EU and third countries on goods imported from the UK or exported to the UK.

About importing and exporting on the website of the Government of the UK. How the taxation rules will change after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the European Economic Area

Will Britain loose Access to the European Union?

Access to the European Union: Firms based in Germany will continue to profit from the access to Europe´s Digital Single Market, the largest economy in the world and a market that has generated a nominal gross domestic product of 16.477 trillion US dollars in 2016 (incl. the UK).

Cost of Living. The cost of living in London is 46% more expensive than in Hamburg – Comparing food, housing, transportation, personal care, and transportation – London ends up as nearly twice as expensive as Germany cities like Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg – (source:

Language & Quality of life. English is widely accepted and commonly spoken in Germany and the open culture has attracted a wide range of international talent. Berlin and Hamburg are the top cities with a free business environment. Source: City ranking