C84 Project Steering Committee
Project governance draws on three groups

Team Structure

This website is brought to you by C84, a decentralized team with a background in telecom infrastructure, defense, and software services.

Founder Background

Marketing Sales Management positions with Microsoft, Helsinki Telecom (Elisa Group), Thomson Multimedia, Bertelsmann, Premiere (aka SkyTV) and Mars Inc.

Revenue Management with global adtech tech leaders like Atlas Solutions and Smaato

Founder’s Coaching, Merger / Exit Preparation RadioOpt (Vodafone), Mobile Payment Otto Group), and Crypto-Assets.

Leveraging a solid business network

I have started working with US based companies in 2002 and since then been priviledged to be part of amazing tech teams in different roles and mandates, among them Microsoft, Bertelsmann, some network operators and several software startups  – check my personal background

Leveraging the Estonian e-framework

I became an eResident in Estonia in 2017 and still consider the Estonian framework a role model for secure infrastructure, interoperability services, and e-Identity. I can use my electronic ID card to access the government’s e-services, including paying taxes, registering a business, and more.

Interoperability services are built on X-Road, e-Land Register, Population Registry. Security and safety refers to KSI Blockchain, e-Law relevant for e-Justice and e-Police. 

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