Watchdog Monitoring

With more and more business interactions moving to the web, it’s now easier than ever to collect and analyze insights.

Advanced Search is fantastic, but there is so much more when we run algorithms against toolbar data, panel data, ISP network data, benchmarks, self-reported data, and even dark web alerts.

C84 supports your teams with processes and alerts Standard reports are configured in the 84watchdog Remote Team Hub and individual tasks are conveniently triggered.

Mentors help clients realize the potential of complex searches. They reduce workload via dashboards and track project progress.

The Problem we solve

Many organizations expect to recognize when someone penetrates their systems. But modern cybercriminals pass traditional defense tactics and often live in your system up to 200 days before you realize it. You don´t know what you don´t know. Game Over!

Threat Intelligence

Remember March 2020, when many countries ignored Covid19 and stuck to their old-fashioned defence tactics. The associated costs ran into billions and thousands of people died. 2022- Allianz Risk Monitor considers cybercrime to be the No. 1 global risk, and many organisations will go bankrupted due old-fashioned defence tactics.
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CyberSecurity Sprint

84watchdog actively searches for Vulnerabilities and Cybercrime Threats News. 84watchdog follows the Ratings and Recommendations of the top developers in Germany / Israel / UK.

The CyberSecurity Sprint is a two-week program that provides the organization with a status check on the threat posed by cybercrime. 

Sprint Benefit

The Sprint Program challenges your setup and gives feedback and best practices. The Sprint enables your organization to lay out a tiered Cybersecurity Action Plan, including checklists and procedures.

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CyberSecurity Mentoring

Mentoring is ideal for any organization with a lack of skilled cybersecurity resources. Mentoring helps your organization implement its Cybersecurity Roadmap. 84watchdog augments your core team, as executives are busy taking care of their day jobs.

Mentoring Benefit

Mentoring is ideal for any organization with a lack of skilled cybersecurity resources. The Mentoring enables the organization to establish a tiered Cybersecurity Action Plan, including checklists and procedures.


Often potential buyers of the company are actual business partners. Protecting the relationship with them is extremely important for both parties. While one party will become the new owner of the ventures, many other parties still need to be motivated to keep the relationship. A careful early analysis of business initiatives and individual technology positions gives you unique knowledge.

84watchdog follows Gartner plus McKinsey, BCG, Forrester, and 100 other Open Web and Deep Web Sources (Information that lives behind a paywall), which allows us to deliver broader insights.

Deep Dives

Remember the famous New Yorker Cartoon? in 2022, we can audit Companies and Tech Stacks. We'll find their track record and see whether they are a good match for you - or just a dog.

We can challenge technology as we follow any analyst or investment source.
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Competitive Monitoring

Competitive monitoring is gathering, analyzing, and acting on insights about your organisation’s competitive landscape. These insights can include anything related to your competitors – their products, their personnel, their tactics to help your organisation build and maintain a competitive advantage.

Competitive Monitoring Benefit

According to CB Insights, post-merger integration failed by 70% due to a lack of alignment of the revenue model and technical requirements. 

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Technology Deep Dives

We help the transaction team stay on top of social and social feeds and data sources you didn’t know existed. This service is perfect for an external view and strategic advice. 84watchdog augments your core team while preparing a company transaction and primarily be a valuable asset, as your top executives are busy taking care of their day jobs.

Deep Dive Benefit

Depending on which source you trust, post-merger integration success is less than 30%. According to CB Insights, this is mainly due to a lack of understanding of the revenue model and technical requirements. 



We recommend a setup of best practice cloud tools for seamless virtual collaboration and high efficiency.


We extend your virtual team with selected freelancers to make your workforce truly scale.


We support you and provide you with regular health checks of your virtual team to show potential improvements.

Getting Started

Good Market Intelligence takes time, money, expertise, and sometimes the humility to say, “We better outsource. It will be faster and less frustrating.”

Step 1
  1. Expectation management based on a demo
  2. The requirements and typical pitfalls to avoid
  3. When better choosing Done-for-You

Configuration according to your! needs

  • level / format of stakeholder involvement
  • involvement of existing in house research
  • internal or external disclosure of findings
Step 2
  1. Data Collection in Vertical Search Engines
  2. Data Collection in Forums & Communities
  1. Social Monitoring in Professional Communities
  2. Alerts on Brand, Name, Product, Event mentions
  1. Expert interviews within the Developer Communities
  2. Expert interviews within the Financial Communities
Step 3
  1. Building the Dashboards
  2. Shared Reports & Alerts

Activity Reporting

  1. Reporting against templates
  2. Distribution of the findings in line with Step 1

Analysis and Iterations

  1. Analysis of findings
  2. Deep Dives

Project Sign Off

  • Closing Procedure 👍 

The onboarding process is a set of calls, emails, and reports that map a path for us to follow. We have standard processes and procedures but will customize a project plan for the duration of the project. This plan sets out exactly what we will be doing, who on our team will be doing it, when you can expect to see it, and what you have to do from your end to make things happen. Our Satisfaction Guarantee is simple. We conduct immediate post-mortems after each delivery, and you don´t pay for what you don´t like.

We use search data to support business-building decisions

Whenever we face cross-sectoral challenges, we need to ask ourselves one question: How well is our existing knowledge suited to meet the challenges ahead?

Search Listening gives us a deeper, unbiased understanding of how people search around topics – revealing questions and queries which you wouldn’t necessarily think of off the top of your head.

Why Search and Social?

Thanks to AI, Cloud Computing, and Superfast Networks, Search is the new norms. Google alone computes 4+ Billion Search Queries each day.

This includes brand names, price lists, ratings, stock market prices, and shareholders’ information (Cap Tables).

From listening to the competition, learning about your audience, identifying influencers, social listening helps PR pros take a step back and see the bigger picture. Because social media is mostly public, everything that your competitors are doing is there for you to see, you just have to track it.

Here are a few things we can monitor:

  • What kind of events do they host or attend?
  • Are they announcing new products or services?
  • Who are they sharing their news with?
  • Who is talking about them on social media?

Need some inspiration?