Go-To-Market Strategy Consultancy

Our Value-Based Pricing is based on the NABC method by the Stanford Research Institute.

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Competitive Monitoring Guide

How to conduct competitive monitoring? Competitive monitoring in 3 easy steps: Choose which competitors you’ll analyze Choose what you want to monitor Choose the tools you’ll...

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Developing Personas

Developing personas means collecting information that will help you paint a picture of who your target customers, influencers, partners really are.

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Target Market Sizing

Target Market Sizing is necessary for business and marketing planning, and budgeting for all startups, especially when seeking third-party financing.

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Route Cause - C84 - Route Cause Analysis

Route Cause Analysis

The Route Cause Analysis is a simple but effective way to understand the reasons, why something is happening. The result is a graph, that outlines the visible outcome...

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Market Research in Germany

Market research provides you with an overview of the industry, market size, opportunity, and customers with respect to your product. It gives you information on customer...

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