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Search and Social Listening

Search and Social Listening helps businesses Avoiding Risk and Reverse Engineering Innovation by monitoring data points like network patterns, search traffic, and social media.

  • 1 - What does competitive monitoring mean?
  • 2 - Why does competitive monitoring matter?
  • 3 - How can C84 help you?

Competitive monitoring means learning as much as possible, as soon as possible, about the industry in general and customers, competitors, distributors, technologies in use. It includes analytics from corporate websites, blogs and forums, and other sources

To remain competitive, enterprises must adapt their business models, establish specialist data science teams and rethink their overall strategies to keep pace with the competition. Gartner.

Competitive monitoring provides:

  • Relevant and timely information about suppliers, buyers, competitors
  • Improve business responsiveness
  • Better knowledge of potential threats

Competitive monitoring gives you these insights. We tell you about your competitors' initiatives, client base, and hopes, and fears of their client base. We listen to what the brands and individuals ask search engines and tell their social followers.

Use Cases

Instead of competing for clients in the same crowded fields, why not look somewhere new? Some compelling use cases for competitive monitoring:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Innovation Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Competitor Analysis


  • 1 - Discover an underserved market niche
  • 2 - Find buyers looking for your products
  • 3 - Find opinion leaders in any market
  • 4 - Understand your competitors
  • 5 - Understand their customers
  • 6 - Understand their partners

Discover the opportunity.🚀  Where is the blue ocean that arises from threats like the coronavirus?💥 Learn from search traffic volume and get facts and signals from Statista.

With everybody sharing their latest thoughts and buys on social media - we can find them on Instagram or Twitter.  Thanks to Corporate Blogging, this process works perfectly fine in B2B. 

🔒 Premium Analysts and Product Comparisons on Twitter, Facebook - Linkedin Industry Groups, Quora, Forrester, Gartner.

Did C-Level leave the company, or did a shareholder sell? How good is their development team? 

Perhaps they just have the same shareholders or went to the same university.

Are they competition in other businesses? 

Competitive Monitoring Services

Commissioned Research

Competitive Monitoring and & Search Listening to learn about competitors and layout future scenarios. No bias – No conflict of interest – if any researcher has actual data – we start from there.


Reengineering Innovation bootcamps are practical workshops that apply Competitive Monitoring and Search Listening to find business opportunities.

Retained Advisory

Retained advisory relationships with a specific project, typically structured as 6 months retainer.

Inspirational Work​


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