We help clients to combine the power of Search Listening and Social Listening.

What Makes C84 Different?

Your business advisor with 20 years experience in US-EU tech, regulated businesses.

96 % of businesses consider Competitive Intelligence critical to the success of their organization

2019 State of Competitive intelligence | Crayon
  • The top use cases for Competitive Intelligence are improving marketing performance, enabling sales, and informing product strategy
  • Trigger moments for hiring C84 are: 
  • / You enter a new market
  • / You look to partner with a company in a certain space
  • / You buy a company
  • / You build a product or serve a new market
  • / You respond to insurgent business model
  • Because search listening tells you what the people really want. Without any bias or delay. 
  • Because social media is mostly public, everything is there to see. The tough part is to filter the wealth of information and don´t get lost in platforms.

We set up a custom system for you and tailor your alerts with keywords, sources, and frequency choices.

  • We expect our clients to be clear about their expectations, so we can demonstrate our value contribution and ask for fair remuneration
  • Done-For-You and Coaching are priced as “boxed service” – starting at € 15k per project.
  • – Turnaround is 2-6 weeks, depending on the availability of our clients.