Listening in search engines, social networks and specialist forums

Advanced Search is a Superpower

With 2 billion daily active users on social media and 3.5 billion Google search queries, there´s nothing you cannot research with advanced search technology.

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Many global companies have brilliant expertise in their home-turf 🇺🇸 but little understanding about their target market 🇩🇪 .

Listening Use Cases

Why listening to Search and Social matters

  • Discover an underserved market niche

    Discover the opportunity. Where is the blue ocean, that arises from threats like the coronavirus? We are monitoring search traffic volume (-Google Trends) and user intent (AnswerthePublic). Statista and Premium Research gives us the latest facts.

  • Find buyers looking for your products

    With everybody sharing their latest thoughts and buys on social media - we can find them on Instagram or Twitter.

  • Find opinion leaders in any market

    We easily find them on Twitter, Facebook - Linkedin Industry Groups, read their their articles on Quora, Forrester, Gartner and meet them in person on Xing or again LinkedIn.

  • Understand your competitors

    Same process - same outlets - plus their investor reports and some interviews. Did C-Level leave the company or did a shareholder sell? How good is their development team?

  • Understand their customers

    Same process - same outlets - maybe interviews with clients they have recently lost. Maybe they just have the same shareholders or went to the same university.

  • Understand their partners

    Same process - same outlets - maybe interviews with partners they have recently lost. Are they competition in other businesses? => Checklist: Conflict of Interest

Listening Services

What does C84 do?

  • Search Listening  💻

    Search listening means learning from 3.6 Bn daily queries and 3.5 Mio daily blog posts. Certainly are a game-changer in any industry that relies on data. 🚀

  • Social Listening  💻

    2.5 Bn active users on Facebook and 360 Mio active users on Twitter tell us about awareness, interest, brand names, stock prices, product names, prices, ratings and so much more 🚀

The C84 Done-For-You Search Process

You don´t have to learn or license any new software. We take care of the data collection and support our clients in zoom conference calls seven days a week. Schedule your private demo to learn about the details. 

How to get started

Getting started is easy 

  • 1. Expectation management based on a demo

    Expectation management based on a demo.  (this happens in a zoom call, takes 30 minutes) 1. The outcome will be clarity abound timing and budget to meet the desired level of customization. 2. We reach agreement about the configuration requirements, format of stakeholder involvement, internal or external disclosure of findings 3. You decide if you want to place the order. 🚀

  • 2. Data Collection

    1. C84 Data Collection in Vertical Search Engines 🔒 2. C84 Data Collection in Forums & Communities 🕷 3. Manual Sanity Checks by C84 Experts 👨‍💻 / This usually takes 5 workdays (depends upon the nature of the task).  / C84 builds the agreed Reporting and contacts you by email. 🚀

  • 3. Reporting

    Activity Reporting against agreed templates  Delivery format can be a customized airtable  Management presentation on Zoom 🖥


Who will help you moving forward?

Axel is based in Hamburg. He works for advertising, software and network security clients from the USA and Israel. You can reach him on LinkedIn or Xing or schedule a conversation with Calendly

No corporate bias – No conflict of interest – no need for proprietary software.


stop guessing – start listening

C84 OU is a company registered in Estonia.

Registry Code: 14492366

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