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C84 shows you, what crawlers know about you, your business, your side business, and other things that matter to you. Learn from search traffic and social media about business opportunities and upcomming threats.

What you get from C84?

We provide C84 services to help equip your organization with essential skills:

Crawls - Done for you

We run our search algorithms against toolbar data, panel data, ISP network data, search engine data, benchmarks, self-reported data, voice of customer data. 

1-on-1 Mentoring

Mentoring calls, where you speak one-on-one with a digital expert, who’ll provide you with practical help and advice in dedicated zoom sessions.

Go To Market

Industry knowledge has become fluid. With the right tools and tactics, you get a powerful weapon for Strategic Planning, Market Entry, Innovation Management, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Advanced Search provides relevant and up-to-date information about suppliers, buyers, competitors, enabling you to improve business responsiveness based on better knowledge of potential threats.

  • Understand competitors

    Did C-Level leave the company, or did a shareholder sell? How good is their development team? 

  • Understand their partners

    How biased is the relation? Perhaps they just have the same shareholders?

  • Understand their customers

    How biased is the relation? Are they competition in other businesses? 

  • Find an opportunity

    Where is the impact from threats like the coronavirus?💥 Learn from search traffic volume and get signals 🚀.

  • Find buyers

    With everybody sharing their latest thoughts and buys on social media - we can find buyerslooking for your products

  • Understand Investment Rational

    Why would a financial (or a strategic) investor buy your company? 👉 Multiples - history - What´s their post merger track record?

Search Listening has become popular with global platform providers. However, even if you license a platform, you still need a team of skilled analysts to align data sources with in-house intelligence. This is why we are offering done-for-you services. You tell us what you need and we take care of the job. 👍🏻


Data security ensures the safety of our financial assets, protects individual privacy and preserves the integrity of our systems and infrastructures. Security is the first essential component of our development as a global society. Advanced Search provides relevant and up-to-date information on threats, vulnerabilities, countermeasures and remediation, enabling you to improve your organisation’s responsiveness.
  • Vulnerabilities

    Cybersecurity Threats News

  • Community Ratings

    Ratings of the top developers (Germany / Israel / UK )

  • Community Recommendation

    Recommendations of the top developers (Germany / Israel / UK )

  • Threats

    Recognising the effects of threats at an early stage 🚀.

  • Initiate prevention

    Channel knowledge of the technical community

  • Relieve the core organisation

    Support own teams 👉 No platform dependency

Retained Advisory

As Advisor, we augment your internal resources in a project, typically structured as 6 months retainer.

We run our search algorithms against toolbar data, panel data, ISP network data, search engine data, benchmarks, self-reported data,  voice of customer data.

Mentoring calls, where you speak one-on-one with a digital expert, who’ll provide you with practical help and advice in dedicated zoom sessions.

Like any other researcher, we license underlying data streams for our work. What makes the difference is: Where to find the information and combine it in our clients’ interest? 👉 🖥

We systematically cover signals from the investment community, developer community, and corporate publishing.

We analyze what people ask search engines. And we can tell you what brands and individuals tell their social followers.

Brand names, stock market prices, and shareholders are public information as the product names, price lists, and ratings in the shops.

We include available inhouse research to speed up the process and align with your existing database structure.

We take care of the data collection and support our clients in scheduled zoom calls seven days a week. 

Reports formats are

  • PPT / G Slides / PDF
  • Data RSS Feeds
  • Airtable views


  • Custom Portals 

  1. 👉 Briefing protects us from working against the wrong objectives. 
  2. Scheduled Progress Review Meetings to tackle issues when required.
  3. Financial details and payments pre-agreed and working smoothly

e.g. Solution & Value Proposition Synopsis

e.g. Ideal Customer Profile, Ideal Partner Profile, 

e.g. Complete profiles of each potential partner, basic address details, key contacts, size, market coverage, market share, customer profile, limited financials, key partnerships ...

The cost of this consultancy will depend on your brief and how many focus areas you want to explore. But to give you an idea, reports typically start from € 5,000 and can scale from there.

What you might want to know before reaching out

What are trigger moments for working with C84?
The main reason for working with C84 is to protect your assets and improve your intelligence. 
Isn´t competitive intelligence an in-house task?
Some companies don´t want to fund an in-house analytics team. It´s expensive and requires a tech mindsets. 
Aren´t there already platforms? 
Certainly, there are many platforms. But it takes time to familiarize with them. And you usually pay a license per seat.  
So, when should one reach out to C84?
Reach out when there´s an actual need but limited time to establish your team and processes. This could be:
  • You build a product or serve a new market
  • You respond to an insurgent business model.
  • You buy a company

Virtual Meeting

Let’s move beyond the typical phone meeting and truly understand your needs with a virtual meeting. Understanding your needs and goals, I will be your personal tour guide through all the features we offer.

Simply click the button below to schedule a date and time to meet.